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Chino Hills's Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are some of the most expensive and fragile pieces of property/equipment that someone can purchase. Any Chino Hills solar panel cleaning service will know this, but D&G Power Washing takes it truly to heart. Some of the most important principles are: 

  • Don’t scrub 
  • Don’t use soap 
  • Don’t apply pressure 

These aren’t absolutely strict solar panel cleaning rules, as gentle scrubbing and mild detergents can be necessary to remove some hardened, more ingrained grime. The most important thing to know is to avoid excess: too much force, too much scrubbing, and too much detergent can all be damaging to your panels. Any damage, even a light, hard-to-notice scratch can harm the panel badly. They’re designed intricately and their efficiency systems can be very easily compromised, which affects the entire system. If nothing else, scratches can void the warranty, which could end up costing thousands in repairs or updates out of pocket. 

PV Panel Washing 

The main difference between solar panels and solar PV (photovoltaic) panels is that solar panels generate thermal energy while PV panels generate electrical energy. However, there’s not much functional difference when it comes to either one of these in terms of solar panel cleaning. Excess force is still strongly discouraged and can cause major, possibly irreparable damage that will likely cost thousands. 

Cleaning Your Solar & PV Panels 

The best way to approach solar panel cleaning is very carefully. When D&G Power Washing approaches pressure washing for Chino Hills panels, our namesake is actually the one thing we truly avoid: power. Even softwashing techniques can be too rough, as they tend to involve great quantities of detergents, like when used on roofs or windows, to remove excess grease and dirt that can build up and adhere to those surfaces. 

Luckily, solar panels rarely accumulate great amounts of grime. They’re usually installed in high, hard-to-reach areas that are free of most airborne contaminants common in areas closer to the ground. Ideally, they’re placed in areas free of surrounding trees, mostly to decrease shadow interference, but it also helps avoid falling debris like seeds or branches. Solar panels also don’t have the difficulty of human soiling; no children, pets, or adults are usually allowed (or able!) to go near them, so fingerprints or other tampering shouldn’t be a problem as they are with household window cleaning or glass doors. 

All these factors mean that your Chino Hills solar panels will hopefully not have accumulated excessive amounts of dirt or grime. This is important to solar panel washing because it enables us to perform a thorough solar panel cleaning without applying excess pressure. However, even if your panels have accumulated grime or dirt, we’ll be happy to take on the challenge!

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